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India has dependably been known for it's way of life of friendliness and inviting visitors as god (Atithi Devo bhava). All through the old period individuals from various areas of the world have arrived on the Indian ground. Over the span of time outsiders conveyed products from their own nations to purchase and sell here.
The following is a rundown of certain things which aren't Indian by starting point however have turned into a fundamental piece of our nation.
It might sound 'nuts' yet this nut isn't from India. It is local to Northeast Brazil. The Portuguese conveyed it to Goa, India around 1560 to 1565.
Indian nourishment is celebrated for its extraordinary hot flavor and we use it liberally in practically the majority of our suppers. Be that as it may, this pepper was acquainted with India by Portugal!
Truly, this sustenance likewise denotes it's beginning from China and advanced toward our nation around 2500 years back.
It is a staple in Mexican eating routine. It is trusted that it was conveyed to our territory from Portugal.
No doubt.. before this you may have thought idli was from the south Indian area, isn't that so? Well, it is cooking from Indonesia which at that point advanced by means of Arab to India.
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