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Legal or illegal, for alcohol is more important. Paying more than their age can afford, but for them, alcohol drinks are more important. To save their so-called enjoyment youngsters today getting into Noida’s pubs to get drinks. If you have ever visited the Delhi and Gurgaon pubs, you must know that their only 25+ year of age person can get his or her drink (here drink means the alcoholic/cocktail one).

After reading this survey instant a question raised in my mind that why youngsters are so eager to get a drink that they even don’t to travel to Noida. And in such a small age, when youth should focus on their studies, career and other important stuff, they are inclined so to get drunk.

A 21-year-old young who is an adult but yet need to see the world, know about the world, and more importantly the person yet to make his career. In spite of doing these such things that young person going to a pub somewhere in Noida and drinking with friends.

On the basis of what I think and what I have seen, there are people mostly grown-up teens in their early twenties lose their control earlier than a mature person. And you know after happens after getting drunk either they fell down, start vomiting, beat someone or if has low mindset then start teasing someone. And maybe this is the reason that most of the pubs in Delhi and Gurgaon fixed the age of drinking alcohol in their ambiance.

The topic is one of the serious issues of our society because of every country’s growth, inclination or declination… all depend on the youth. So it is very important for us to why the youth today is very much inclined toward alcoholism.

Most of the young get into the influence of people in surroundings, some came under the peer pressure, while some start drinking just to show off. The most frustrating reason for drinking in such an early age they stated is that- they are disturbed.

I don’t know I also get disturbed sometimes, I suffered from depression for years, I also go to the parties but I don’t drink and have never got drunk for any of these reasons, even for any reason. Because, I think that there are so many things you can do if you are stressed out, you can leave the group who is influencing you towards bad, as everyone knows what is bad and good.

So this is my point of view on youth who is getting so much into Alcoholism just for the sake of enjoyment.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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