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With the incensement of the following crime and instances of molestation with women lead the Municipal Commissioner to launch the park in Gurgaon sector 10A dedicated to women only. While some are happy with this changed direction of air and some are saying “it is not fair to bar men’s entry”.

Annoyed by the incidents of harassment and molestation with women at a park in Gurgaon’s sector 10A, it is the decision taken by the Resident’s Welfare Association along with the civic administration found this unique way. According to them, the park will create a safe place for women, where they can safely exercise, walk and relax.

Municipal Councillor Ashwani Sharma told about the incidents that forced them to take this step, “Last month, a woman walking on the track of the park was molested by a youth. In the past too, there have been instances of women complaining that they feel unsafe in the park. Hence, we took this step. We want the women in the community to have a safe place for taking walks and exercising”. At the entrance of the part, board is placed saying “ Only For Ladies” or “ केवल महिलाओं के लिए”.

Some welcomed the park while some feel it is unfair with the men because not all the men are dirty minded and like to molest a woman. So if you think in this way, you will see how much ‘gender-biased’ the decision is. On the other way we talk about gender equality, but somewhere we separate the genders or sometimes become gender-biased.

Park is the place where all the people including women spend approximately two hours, it is not like that they are here not the whole day, and when they step out of the park on there to the house, at roadside don’t they got molested. What about public transports, offices, houses, streets, restaurants and other places where ladies go as well. Are these places safe?

Here, the point is making a park dedicated to women only and restricting men entry it doesn’t mean that you have solved the problem of molesting and harassment. However, it means that you are turning your face from the real problem. There are many options to maintain the women’s safety but in spite of giving attention on those authorities moving on some other direction.

If it is about women security, authorities should think of better ideas and work on strengthening security.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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