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Fantasy lifestyles and modern tendencies of younger generations are leading to unwanted health a hazard which is slowly and gradually impacting their health. While our diet plays a crucial role in controlling our blood pressures which can turn into hypertensions raising serious health concerns like heart stroke it can be controlled by taking the following measures.

While stress is one of the major causes of hypertension, taking measures to reduce stress can help you win over it. These are some of the reasons which add to hypertension problems.

Consumption of alcohol:

Consistent binge drinking, long term heavy drinking or alcohol use disorder can lead to a chronic problem of high blood pressure. Study says that who consume alcohol on a regular basis have a greater risk of heart problems owing to high blood pressure. While consumption of alcohol can elevate the blood pressure temporarily, its excess consumption can cause serious impacts on health. According to WHO, the standard alcohol intake should be no more than one standard drink a day.”

Along, with managing the consumption of things like alcohol, tobacco stress can by measures like exercise, yoga, meditation and a healthy diet.

Managing hypertension through diets:

According to WHO, the amount of salts in our diet plays a role in hypertension worldwide. While the average intake of salts is 9-12 grams per day, the Who says that the healthy intake of salt is 5 grams daily. Thus, the average intake of salt should be reduced to control stress and hypertension.

Also, the body weight is closely associated with hypertension which should be controlled by the intake of more high- fibre foods and reducing the consumption of total fat as much as possible.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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