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It is certainly not about me, it happens with most of us who is part of this 9-5 obsolete work routine.

Getting out of bed and going to the office by nine in the morning and staying until five. Five days a week. With the rest of two days and then back at it again. This is what happens every week. While nobody likes to sit in a little cubicle staring at computer screens all day this is how everyone feels spending the nine hours of our day.

The first hour of work routine...

Even when you have the best of job on the planet everyone hates getting out of their bed. While we youngsters have the habit of staying up late in the nights waking up for the office becomes troublesome quite naturally. So we are still in a sleep /non-working mode in the first hour of our work routine.

Entering in the eating mode…

Working for an hour or today makes us feel hungry as we already get entered in the eating zone and in most cases, it happens much before that. So already have entered in that zone no one is willing to work at any cost. Lunchtime certainly happens to be the most exciting and happy part of your work routine and if you have a good company to have lunch with, you definitely wait for it. With having eaten the food half of the day already gets over.

When exhaustion overpowers at mid-day work…

Most of the feel sleepy after having our lunch and certainly the energy to work also goes down and quite naturally we start to feel lethargic to work. While only a few hours left the pressure to complete our targets certainly increases.

Keeping a strict check on the watch...

The last few hours of the day go thinking about when will the day get over and we would we be in our personal spaces, keeping count of the time.

This cycle gets every day until Friday. With two days’ rest and we are back at it again.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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