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Almost all of us know the primary rules to tackle any kind of medicinal pressure. Few of these rules we must learn during our schooling and various easily by observing others. But the important issue is how accurate is our awareness regarding the basic first aid? There are widespread and serious mistakes people make while providing remedial advice to others.
Here are basic first aid mistakes you should avoid:

Putting your head back during a nose bleeding
Doing this will make the blood flow down your esophagus and you may pour it. This move does nothing to control the bleeding. Pouring blood can cause soreness in the abdomen and you may vomit.
What to instead:
Lean forward and steal the tip of the nose. Most of the time, nose bleeding is begun due to allergies or dry weather. Leave it for 10 minutes it will get settled on its own. If it doesn't assist, quickly rush to a specialist.
Putting ice on the burn
This is an absolute not good from a burn. Putting frost on the burn can cause frostbite and can even damage the skin. You should also evade applying butter or toothpaste on your injury.
What to do instead:
Pour cool water on the burn for a few minutes. Dab it with a clean dry fabric.
Putting heat on sprain or fracture
This is true that heat can soothe the aches and injury, but it does not endorse anyway to handle the sprain or fracture. Using heat on sprain or fracture can only increase the swelling.
What to do instead:
Use an icicle pack on the wound for 20 minutes. Smash some frost and wrap it in a case or a clean piece of fabric. Put the ice fabric on the skin. Redo the same after some time.
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