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It usually occurs that those who adore chicken and fish as food find it tough to purchase meat from the shop. According to research, the core of this problem is stinking that the chicken market offers. Also, if you have ever witnessed, the seafood shop stinks more than the poultry.
Have you wondered why? Let us explore and find the answer.

Why are they stored in the freezer?
When it comes to animals, even after they die, the chemical methods maintain that additional break down old cells to leave room for new people. In this process, enzymes keep on breaking down cells and bacteria work on reproducing. Storing them under 4 degrees Celsius in freezer reduces down the biochemical effects. The temperature reduces bacterial growth and enzyme activity and raises the shelf life of a chicken and diminishes the stink.
What makes a seafood stink and chicken not
Chicken is a warm-blooded creature and storing it in the freezer reduces the biological methods considerably. While seafood is a cold-blooded creature and that’s the cause it lives under the sea. Storing it in the fridge hardly causes any discrepancy in the biological methods and the chemical resistance leads to stink.
What do experts recommend?
While buying the seafood, make sure that you choose the one which is vibrantly colored and pliable. According to the FDA, you should use the seafood within the deadline of two days from the time of purchase in order to evade the bad aroma.
House remedy to eliminate the stink
You can just spritz some lemon juice over the fillet. This will neutralize the acid stink, and your food will have a citrusy aroma, once cooked.
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