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The amazing creatures’ honeybees not only help the crops to grow but they have the unique ability to communicate with other bees and can dance as well. The fact that the tiny bees with the brain containing less than one million neurons understand the ‘zero’ is an old one, known by everyone.

According to the new study, they can also perform the complex mathematics of additions and subtractions. So yes, bees can do maths! I am wondering now is there anything which they can’t do.

So, the study involved an interesting training session for the bees in which one setup contained the sugar water, which acted as a reward for the bees when they came up with the correct answer while the other setup contained a bitter tasting quinine solution which was given when she made an incorrect the Y shaped maze, the entrance had two signboards of different colours. Blue shaped represented addition while the green shaped represented the subtraction sign.

The training session which involved about 14 honeybees successfully trained them when they applied the rules on different problems which were performed by changing the location of the reward solution of sugar water.

This study made the other significant conclusion that mathematics does not require massive brains. “If maths doesn't require a massive brain, there might also be new ways for us to incorporate interactions of both long-term rules and working memory into designs to improve rapid AI learning of new problems,” Professor Adrian Dyer, from RMIT University in Melbourne commented.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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