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The future of work is experiencing a rapid change and so is the workforce but despite the changing dynamics some things have remained constant and that is the different type of personalities at the workforce. No matter wherever you go you will find these types of people in an office at least in India.

Different types of employees at the office:

1. Food is probably their biggest weakness:

They know the person or not, doesn’t really matter but you can find them where there is food. So these foodies are found eating most of the time from other’s plates and they are absolutely okay with it because when it comes to food there is nothing like shyness and maintaining a line.

2. There is no ‘fixed’ place for them:

There are some people who will talk to anyone and everyone in the office and you will rarely find them sitting on their seat because most of the time you would see them loitering around and conversing with people.

3. Do they even exist? :

Then are the people who spend more than 8.5 hours sitting quiet and engaged with themselves. So the loners of the workplace who hardly talk to anyone. People can hardly know if they are present or not in the workplace.

4. They are certainly the ‘Godfathers’:

Every office has some people whom you will always find giving their piece of advice about anything and everything to everyone in the office.

5. The ‘Intellectual’ of the workplace:

While everyone is good at one of the other things there are some people who hardly talk to anyone but they certainly are problem solvers and people will look up to them for having a solution of their problem.

In which category do you fit?

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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