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Bee Orchid

Is it smiling, look closely? Yes, it is. The smiling Bee Orchid found across Europe the Middle-East and even North Africa.

Flying Duck

Want to grow this unique Flying Duck Orchid to your home garden? Sorry ! It’s not possible as it only grows in the wild, in Australia.

The Monkey Face

I really not like Monkeys, but this monkey faced flower look as beautiful as unique.

Hookers lip

A girl wearing red lipstick – no, friends it’s a flower only found in the tropical regions of Colombia, Costa Rica, and Panama.

Naked Man

Yes, its looks like a sea creature, but it’s a flower which used in making the drink Salep only found in the Mediterranean regions.

Snap Dragon Seed Pod

I know you’ll doubt that it’s a flower or not. The dragon faced flower is as weird as unique.


This flower’s picture spread on the internet as digitally manipulated” or Photoshopped as people rarely know about it, which found in Thailand.

Courtesy: Google

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