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Ever wished you could sneak into how different people spend their salary? Well, the people who find it hard to difficult to manage their salary and are closely scrummed in debt every month would definitely want to know how the hell are the people with the same salary package cope up with the managing it so effectively every month.

Even if they reveal about their secret and skills it would help you much because everyone has different behavior in terms of spending the money. While some are very miserable in spending every penny, there are others who don’t keep a count on their spending.

Different types of people and their behaviour when it comes to spending the salary:


While money is the primary cause of why everyone is working there are some people who are always bothered about saving every bit of their salary. The calculation is a continuing process every time they time spend some money. While they prefer saving it and are very calculative it, they are however not very miserable spending it.


They also like to keep their money in bank accounts, the difference being they are very miser in spending each penny. They would cut out the maximum expenses and would not either spend their money on themselves or others.


To the contrary are the people who are very careless about how and where they spend their money. It is very difficult for such people to keep their money in accounts. They will spend their salary as loose they could. These people are then dependent on other people for the rest of the month.


When it comes to spending money they are very balanced. They will neither overdo nor are a miser in spending their salary. They would balance saving and spending and are able to successfully manage their expenses at the end of the month.

Thus, everyone has a different approach and character when it comes to spending their monthly income. While some people are able to manage their emergency expense, others even find it difficult to manage their basic expenses.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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