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Remember those neighborhood aunties who always (I don’t know why) comment on our body and gives meaningless bits of advice. But now it is going to be over because you don’t need to tolerate all those shits. Not only weird aunties, however, but you can also reply to all those low-mentality people who body shame you in any way.

“You need to be thin, tall and fair”, it is what something the society has made a list of quality that a girl should have, what crap it is… no one is bound to fit in any list. Be you, be yourself. Stay healthy and do what you like!

So here below I have listed a few replies according to a different situation that you can give when some comment on your body, wrongly.

“You are fat! Why don’t you try gym/yoga?”

1. I am fat and I don’t have any problem with it, but you know what you have the tiniest brain to understand this.
2. You know what it is not your business first of all, and secondly, you need to change your personality, not me.
3. According to science, things got expand because of heat! So, if I am fat, it means I am hot.
4. Actually, swallowed the last person, who asked me this. And it is not fat, it is the person inside me!
5. Wait! I don’t need your opinion if I am healthy I don’t care whether I stay fat or become a football.

“You should use fairness cream or homemade things to get one or two-tone lighter skin”.

1. Ahhh! No, I just like being ‘Gulabjamun’ instead of ‘Rasgulla’. And if you ask people most of them like ‘Gulabjamun’.
2. Is there any cream or homemade solution to make your mentality better? If so, then why don’t you try!
3. Thanks for your advice! And you know what I have a book that will help you to change your mentality.
4. I love myself and My Tone. Your comments don’t work on me, because you don’t have any place in my life.
5. Are you from dinosaurs’ era, because your mentality doesn’t match with the current era?

“You are too skinny/short/fat/brown/ tall/white and blah…”. The replies to the people who body shame you.

1. I am skinny you can’t digest it, if I get fat you can’t either digest that. I think you should drink indigestion syrup.
2. Yes, I am short, but I know how to respect others.
3. I don’t want to do any competition, because long legs do the same as short legs do.
4. If you have so many complaints about my body then why even you are staring me. Close your eyes because I am not going to change, at least for now.
5. I am dress according to my self-comfort not to impress you or anyone.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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