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Getting attached to people is pretty good as it helps you to have a broad social circle however till the time it does not affect you emotionally or otherwise. While we get attached to people it’s just not the people whom we feel connected with. We also build connections to places and things as well and this isn’t bad as well.

We get attached to our workplaces; we get attached to the place, the city in which will. This attachment and familiarity with the dwelling make us happier and safer in the environment. We fear moving out of the place and wish that we could stay much longer that.

The places around us give us some of the pleasant memories and reasons to smile. For instance if when your mood is upset and you are at a low point of your life and suddenly you remember about the wonderful vacation that you had years back. The memories of the place make you feel nice, isn't it?

Well, getting attached to place or nature has some other aspect as well. The way human is least bothered about nature and killing it without caring for it, the sensitivity and attachment with the environment around are more than required in today's world.

Thus, whenever we have had to move out of the place where we spent our childhood or the beautiful phase of our lives is the most difficult to say goodbye to. The difficult or bad time at the place is something which is associated with the place and we certainly feel a lot connected with it.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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