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Let’s face it, organizational changes can happen anytime expected and quite a times unexpected too. Change in management, the merger of the organization, change in policies of the organization or relocation of the office in the same city or another city are some of the changes that can strike you at the workplace and you got to deal it on your own.

While everyone has to face their own set of challenges there are some ups and downs of emotions that everyone has to go through. It is normal that you feel nervous and excited both when change happens in our life.

This is what happens when you have to deal with a change like relocation of the office.

1. Adapting to the new feel of the workplace...

If your office has shifted to a new city, the process of adjusting with the city is more complex more. You need to make yourself familiar with the environment, people and everything around you. However, if the place change is in the same city it is more easy to adopt. Quite obvious you would face problem in adapting to the feel of the new office. Every place has a feel and it becomes difficult to get familiar with the feel of the workplace.

2. The bars of expectations...

Next, you certainly draw a comparison between the earlier organization and the new place. The bars of expectations are certainly high at a new location. Even when it is better than the previous one you will try to find some loopholes. This is the human tendency and it happens most of the times.

3. Different people respond differently..

Different people respond to the new workplace differently. While some are over enthusiastic to see the new workplace, behaving like some royal prince. Others enjoy the vibes of the new environment silently. While some remain saddened because of their seating arrangement, others are disappointed by the infrastructure of the workplace.

However, change is constant and the moment we accept it, it becomes easy for us to adopt the change.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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