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Every couple in a relationship expects to elongate the natural lifecycle of their relationship, however, things do happen and it falls into pitfalls every now and then, the end result of it is broken relationships. These are some of the common relationship mistakes that we commit in a relationship. You should avoid these things in your relationship to keep yourself away from loneliness.

1. Don’t get angry too much:

While fight, arguments are part of every relationship don’t expand it for longer. In a relationship it is better you keep your ego aside and one of you should initiate some efforts so that the fight does not get dragged for longer.

2. Bringing up the past issues every now and then:

It is important to discuss the issue of your relationship but if you bring up the issues every now and then it is natural that your partner will get frustrated at a point.

3. If your mood is constant as ‘ Upset’:

There are some days which are not good as others but when you talk to your partner in a low tone voice with lack of energy and upset mood every other time your partner will avoid having conversations with you.

4. Not appreciating each other:

In a relationship, it is important that you make each other feel special. You can either appreciate them, say something good to them or either talk about good memories of the past. If you don’t do these things in a relationship you will lose special vibes of each other.

Thus, in a relationship, it is important that you spend quality time with each other, have special vibes of each other to avoid the bad phase of your relationship.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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