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Imagine you are on a death bed what would it be that you would wish to do? Probably spend some more quality time with your family? Right? However, during our everyday life, you certainly forget the things you wish you would like to do in your life if you get some more time in life. Here are some of the powerful messages which you should certainly not overlook if you wish to avoid regrets in your life.

1. Courage to live a life true to ourselves:

While we spend most of our lives living up to the expectations of others there are dreams which remains unfulfilled which we wish to accomplish in our lives. While there are things which we can’t certainly avoid but always living up for that is not the path you should ever look in your life.

2. Working so hard in life:

More than half of our lives we spend running after money but have you ever asked this question is this what we want in our lives? The answer would certainly be ‘No’. However, still, we spend most of our lives doing that.

3. Courage to express feelings:

Most of us settle for the mediocre because we lack the courage to express what we want in our lives. This fear of expressing ourselves can be the biggest regret for us but still, we do it.

4. Staying in touch with friends:

Family and friends remain the pivotal yet neglected chapters of our lives. We get completely lost in the fake purpose without losing the actual sense of our real purpose

5. Letting yourself happier:

Happiness is a choice but how many of us exercise that choice in our lives? We deserve the right to keep ourselves happy but we fear to do things which make us happy.

What are you waiting for? Do you want to make some calls?

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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