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Like anything that is central to life — food, money, companionship, having smartphones with a good camera is one of the basics of life. Life sucks if you don’t have a good camera in your phone or has stopped working with the time as it was earlier especially if you are someone who loves clicking photos of yourself as well as captivating the natural beauty.

Here are contrasting things that happen when you have a good camera v/s when you don’t have a working camera in your smartphone

1. Natural scenic shots

When you have a good phone camera you can capture some of the amazing shots of natural beauty. If good weather interests you- rain, sunset, cloudy weather, you will miss some of the amazing shots if your phone camera sucks.

2. Important occasion diaries

While most of you love clicking photos especially on important occasions you are not able to capture the important memories if you don’t have a good phone camera.

3. Experimentation

Experimenting with the location, angle and types of shots is next to impossible when you don’t have a good camera to click the photos and the struggle gets real in a lot of situations.

4. Good day v/s bad day

Every time you get the feeling that ‘Are you looking that bad? You definitely lose confident a lot of times when this happens so frequently. Thus, having bad photos even on your good days is a real struggle.

5. Morning Selfie

While every other person clicks their morning selfie you cannot even think about that even when you have taken your efforts and time to get ready.

Thus, having a smartphone with a good camera is a basic necessity you cannot survive without.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
Design Credits- Vikas Kakkar

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