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There are various milestones that an individual has to encounter in one life, and the wedding is one of them too. From exchanging vows to accepting each other’s flaws; From merging two families into one to respecting their personal values; Even from understanding mutual feelings to gradually increasing those sentiments, wedlock is an eternal saga of love, sacrifice, and emotions. It can get tough sometimes to handle all things at a single point of time.
1) Don’t ever force or pressurize your soulmate to enter into a zone which they are not at all comfortable with
It can lead to isolation which eventually turns into chaos. This is a red flag that demands a green signal without any delays.
2)Don’t play the blame game.
Be mature enough to accept the mistakes that you’ve made in addition to scrutinizing them for a better future. The day a person starts handling his/her misdeeds as a grown-up, half of the problems vanish itself.
3)Don’t lie to your husband/wife or neither get judgemental about them
Marriage is all about faith. The thread of love and trust once broken cannot ever mend into what it was before. These are delicate links that require constant fabrication. Being more attentive to each other will keep the married life less complicated.
4) Don’t let the past trouble your present to disintegrate an appealing future
Former issues should never be brought up in any quarrels. We humans have a horrible tendency of using some harsh comments while in rage. So, staying calm while the other person illustrates their frustration is the key here as words once were spoken could not be taken back.
The endless road to a long-lasting marriage is no rocket science. Be genuine, loyal as well as open to your spouse. Every person has his/her own way of dealing with domestic fights, but what matters is the patch up phase. It is great to have someone by your side who motivates you to be a better person every day. Someone who takes the front seat while you’re feeling low and drives away your sad emotions to bring a smile to your face. Marriage is a gift of the lifetime and a magical ecstasy in itself.
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