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It may be the most instantly gratifying pleasure, sipping a cold beverage on a hot humid day. And when the weather turns cold, hot coffee gives relax to our soul, right. A beverage is the fastest way to make the body chill and instantly hot and turn your mood around to enjoy each season. Then what could go wrong?

Well, while drinking may be the fastest way to satiate your thirst or comfort, it is also the fastest way to blow up a waistline. As after 40 years, a human body starting becoming week and you tend to lose the energy that you previously had. Moreover, it also becomes tough to lose weight after 40. So, if you cut down whipping sugar drinks from your daily routine by 21 percent, means more than 400 calories every single day, more than twice as much as we drank 30 years ago.

Simply shaving off your calories to half, will help you in losing weight and you will stay healthy in your old age.

Here are some drinks that you should not drink after 40-years of age:

Flavored Coconut Water

Plain coconut water and natural coconut water is great, and do wonders to the body in every age, but if you drink flavored coconut water that includes some fruit flavors or sugar syrup in it, you would end up drinking more sugar than is in actual coconut water.


Lemonade is refreshing, and also calm down our soul on a hot day. A glass of lemonade reminds us about our childhood, may be pushing the beverage it can be innocent enough, but lemonade itself is not. The only we like about this drink the list of harmless ingredients. It won’t let you feel less energized, but it also gives you 40 grams of sugar on just one 12-ounce can.

Drinkable Yogurts

Probiotics are great for maintaining good gut health, but not when we are already consummate with loads of sugar.

Apart from this, there are so many drinks that you should drink taking care of the number of calories.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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