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If you have ever tried to write down all of your thoughts, grievances, doubts, fantasies, and pretty much everything else that crosses your mind you can understand the power of writing. When you just write, without really thinking about what lands on paper, you actually express what you are feeling at that particular point of time. Doesn’t really matter if the end result is chaotic, but that’s not the point right? If you are able to write down what are you are feeling you have accomplished what you want in your life.

However, writing is merely not a mental exercise for you but there are things that happen if you are good at writing? Yes, if you are able to communicate well, there are added professional advantages for you especially if you can write in English.

Apart from the professional advantage at your door writing helps you in the personal domain as well. The best gift you can give it to someone is expressing what your heart feels them. If you are a good writer expressing your feelings is a piece of cake for you and when you are able to communicate your feelings to someone so beautifully the other person will feel really good and as they say communication or expressing things is a key in every relationship.

Not just the romantic relationship if you are good at expressing things you can surprise anyone- be it your friend or family. However, when you are good at it certainly people take good use of your skills. Like they will ask you to ‘How they should write so and so thing’, not at the personal front but on the professional front as well.

Thus, writing good comes with a lot of uncertain ‘works’, and of course disadvantage as well.

So, tell us what how does it feel when you are good at writing.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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