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It happens a lot of time and with a lot of people that the moment they come with their concerns to someone they are handed a long package of what others have gone through in their life. True, everyone has a story and everyone has had to go through the difficult turbulent times. So does that mean the others have to go through the same process?

Let me give you an example, you must have heard from your grandmother saying it your mother that if you have to listen and do things which our mother- in law asked us to do you would not never be able to do that “ hum toh kuch nahi bolte, karate, jitna humse karya jata tha”. Well we sympathise that everything did not go well with you but does that mean we also have to suffer?

So this is exactly the story of every time. Our parents always have taunts to throw at us by drawing a series of comparisons of their time, things they used to do and bla bla…

Also, it happens at workplaces that whenever you suggest something, complain about something the common phrase that we get to hear is this is how things have been always and we have worked with so much worse facilities and infrastructure.

So, if the same thing is happening from generations it is justified? Should we take steps to provide the solution or rather should justify the problem itself?

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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