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While being in a relationship is happy- to-go lucky feeling and most of us want to be part of it except for the time when there are a lot of arguments in it. While regular, fights and arguments make us feel saddened we wish to be no longer part of it. However, the findings of this study will change your perspective altogether.

According to the new study published, it has been established that the couples who fight a lot have generally longer life. Yes, you heard it right! The secret of a longer life is the fights between arguments.

While this study was conducted on 192 couples for a time period of over 32 years the couples were asked questions related to how they react to a conflict in their relationship. Do they like to bottle up their emotions, isolate themselves, overreact to the situation or prefer to blurt out whatever is going on their mind?

So, according to the findings it came out the couples who follow a similar pattern of fights tend to have a long and healthy life. For example: If one partner lent out their anger on others and the other is also doing the same the fight won’t last for longer.

Thus, it is important that instead of bottling up the emotions express your true feelings and the couples who do the same have fewer fights in their relationship. So doesn’t stay silent because silence has never been the solution, express yourself and what both of you are going through and when you do that you will automatically have good health.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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