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You have seen girls wearing neon tops, shorts, and dresses, then neon colors ruled over the footwear, then came neon handbags. As the market is filled with so much neon, then how makeup companies wait to launch their neon makeup range.

And you know what recently I got to see many fashion influencers and YouTubers using these pretty neon eyeliners is different shades. You will find a neon green, neon aqua, neon pink, neon purple and so on. If you are thinking about how they should be used, don’t get tensed. Just like common black and blueliners that you are using since ages, these neon ranges of eyeliners is the same.

They are going to make your eyes glow like neon lights in dark and it is going to be fun when you go for the night party in a club or somewhere in night musical events, you are going to shine for sure.

Let us talk about these neon colored eyeliners separately…

Orange Neon Eyeliner

The electric orange neon colored eyeliner will make your eyes glow and you will look so electrifying. You can fill your lower waterline with the eyeliner and you won’t need anything else to do. Moreover, this if you are wearing any dull colored outfit, or a white one, it will look so magnificent on you.

Pink Neon Eyeliner

If you are bored with your usual black eyeliner then to save yourself from any further boredom is to give your eyes a treat of pink neon eyeliner. You can even apply this over your black liner, it won’t cover up, and instead, it will shine.

Green Neon Eyeliner

If you are up to do a nude make, but still feeling so low, then take your green neon eyeliner pencil and start crafting your eyes with it.

Blue Neon Eyeliner

Get your usual make on, a vibrant lipstick with all black outfit, and to with your look, an instant lift applies a stroke of this pretty blue neon eyeliner.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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