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Every office has always some people who speculate about the lives of co-workers and also love to spread deceits about them. While finding out that people are talking about you can not only be demoralizing for your personal life it can even wreck careers and status of the people at the workspace.

How office politics does affect both your personal and professional life:

1. Demotivating for work:

Office politics exist at every level. The people who probably don’t know how to do their work try to make themselves indulge in office politics because for these people it is the only way out by which they could create their existence at workplaces. Thus they would spread gossips, rumours about other people around them. However when people target you, you get demotivated to complete your work responsibilities, not only will you fall short to complete your work but there is also a fall in the quality of work done.

2. Social anxiety:

When office politics affects you it is quite likely that you turn away from people. You avoid social connections, talking to people, having any conversation or discussion with them because you know that what you told can also be used in some other ways to point out fingers at you.

3. Affects your personal and professional relationship:

When people build a negative environment and image of yourself it affects your relationship with them. The people with whom you had a good bonding would no longer be willing to talk to you. You begin to feel lonely.

Apart from that, you are not able to concentrate on your personal life as well. Your mind is always engaged in thoughts about the workspace. Thus, office politics makes you a completely different person and probably a non-social animal too.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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