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Saying sorry has become a kind of automatic response for a lot of people even if they don’t mean it or not at fault. A lot of people sprinkle sorry in our day to day conversation very often. While apologizing isn’t bad at all and preciously requires a lot of guts. However, when you use too many “sorry”s through your days it can hurt you.

Affect your future apologies?

Considerably it does happen! If you are too habitual of using “I am sorry” in your conversation it is likely that people do not take you seriously. They have this perception it is your everyday affair, committing mistakes and then apologizing for it. So it is important that you know when is it important to use that phrase? Because, the present day apology affects your future apologies too, both in personal as well as professional life!

Research also says that saying “I am sorry” too often makes people think less of you.

What do people suggest should you do then?

• Heartful apologizes convinces the people more rather than saying “I am sorry” too often. Instead of saying that thus make sincere apologies by avoiding the phrase and providing the solution of the problem so that the other person actually believes in your apology.
• Can you thank people rather than saying sorry every pity affair? For example, if you are late, instead of saying “ I am sorry”, which can make them more annoyed, you can say “ Thank you very much for waiting”

Thus, over-apologizing is similar to over-complementing, people will lose respect about you and you do look bad when it becomes an everyday affair.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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