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Has India made progression in reducing poverty over the decades? Well, the facts say by 20%. However, there still remains a massive problem, thanks to the population outburst that people living below the poverty line juggles with serious struggles of life. Managing daily bread is an everyday struggle and most of us have accepted it somehow. Right?

The disturbing fact which looks far from being accepted is that children too are the victims of the same. These homeless children who either live or work on streets can be found in railway stations, near temples and durgahs, in markets, under bridges, near bus depots and stops, etc. They continue to be part of part-time begging, probably a part of an organised racket who have a pattern of working.

They are often seen as indulged in forcefully selling things like pen, balloon and would literally annoy you to the core. They would not accept the eateries and would even throw them unless you provide them with money.

Recently I met some children who were begging at the metro station. On asking about why they were doing it, they replied we don’t get pocket money and want to eat good food. So we do begging so that we could purchase tasty food.

Most of the families they belong to cannot afford the basic necessities of life and thus they are left with begging on the streets. On the one hand, it is disturbing to see how these children satisfy their appetite from trash and eating on the streets, it is equally alarming to see how they become part of drug abuse. In being part of illegal activities not only they resort to these activities they completely lose the innocence of their childhood.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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