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Out of the countless things that we love shopping is indeed one of the favourite things which most of us love to do. While shopping is a pleasant experience as it relaxes our mind and lightens up our mood as well, there are some things that happen when we mothers are our shopping partners.

1. When shopkeeper says the price as 5000 and she asks to give for 1500

Our mothers are the real bargainers, no matter what product are you purchasing and a lot of times she asks the product for half the price of what shopkeepers tell and you are like ‘Mummy’. At that moment you either you keep your head down or looking on the roof because this is what you can do. If you will try to convince them you know you got to prepare yourself with some ever-ready dialogues.

2. When she starts making weird statements about the outfits

It is impossible to convince the Indian mothers about the outfits, trend and fashion statement and she leaves no stone unturned to make you embarrassed with her expertise in fashion. Have been the victim of the same? I guess all of us have been.

3. She never likes anything that you like..

Our mothers have a complete different liking especially when it comes to buying clothes. Sometimes you think she does on purpose that she would dislike the outfit which you have selected. So this is this and you have to deal with it.

4. She always has the complaint that you take so much time to finally buy something

I don’t know if it happens with you or not but I have faced this personally that she always complaints of me being selective. This is what she says always “10 Dukaan dekh li par Tujhe kuch pasand Nahi aata” (So yes she always has this complaint that it takes me a lot of time to finally buy something). She always gets hell lot of tired when she does shopping with me and this is what happens with most of us.

So mothers are not the only one who embarrasses us, she also gets tortured when she is our shopping partner.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
Design Credits- Vikas Kakkar

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