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When it comes to accepting the truth we all are a bit stereotyped. Nothing hurts us more than accepting the truth. And with the advancement, we have learned more ways to ignore reality.

Here are some of the harsh realities of workplaces which you must know as it can hit you badly:

1. Speaking the truth comes with the advantage:

Whether you agree or not it in India age and position determines who is truthful. The fact that there are very few who dares to take their stand is very fewer and those who possess those guts to speak the truth are the one who is targeted. You would come across a similar situation at your workplace too.

2. People will take the credit of your work

When it comes to going up the ladder people resort to misconducts. It is quite common that they will not hesitate to take the credit of your work or when you dare to speak against it you are made to shut your mouth.

3. People will speak contradictory things to different people in a similar circumstance:

It is very common that there are people who want to be in good books of everyone and in order to maintain that status they would speak quite contradictory things to different people in a similar circumstance.

4. People are hardly bothered by you and whether you are affected or not:

At the workplace, you would mostly find people who love to have some gossips. When some contradictory happens against you they will just come to you to hear about the gossips. In reality, they hardly bother what happens to you.

5. You are not appreciated for your work:

At most of the workplaces, the fact that you are good at your work is not the only factor which is essential. Apart from that, there are other essential factors like ‘Are you someone who is involved in gossiping’. The bitter reality is you hardly get appreciated for your work.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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