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Love isn't one-size-fits-all. It not only means different to everyone, but how people behave in a relationship is also different for everyone. While, some people are reserved about their personal relationship, others are open about their relationship. These different people in a relationship have a different way to be in their relationship especially at workplaces.

Diving into the types, there are different types of people in a romantic relationship at workplaces..

1. Make-you frustrated types:

Everyone in the office is well aware that some people are in the relationship. Not because they have shared about it to everyone because you can always listen to them shouting and fighting on the phone. The extra loud announcer who tells about their relationship leaves everyone annoyed and frustrated.

2. Always-smiling types:

There are some people who are always seen chatting on their phones with their partner. Whenever you have a quick glance about them they are smiling or blushing. So everyone is suspicious about what exactly is going in their personal life.

3. The-secret-types:

While there are some people who are so reserved about their relationship that they would not even disclose a single thing about their relationship, no matter how much efforts you make for that.

4. Over-Possessive-types:

There are some people who are so possessive about their partners that you would hear them inquiring about the whereabouts of them. They are always on their phone doing that.

5. The-normal-types:

Another category of the people is those who will give an adequate amount of time to their partner. Neither do they devote too much time nor you would see them yelling about their relationship.

And then are the ‘ Singles’, who are seen flirting at the workplaces. In which category do you fall?

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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