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Gone are the days when people would stick only to one job throughout their entire lifetime. The way people look for growth opportunities in their career in the present time was not imagined in the past. People prefer to go for a job change if it is not matching their expectations. If you are also looking for a new job here is how you should go.

1. An updated CV/ Resume is the first step in the process:

The first and foremost step in seeking a new job is to update your resume. While it is important that you write about your work experience in depth, it is equally necessary that you take out all the irrelevant and vague information about you from the resume. Always stick to the relevant information in your resume. Don’t make it lengthy unnecessary. A resume of 1-2 pages is the most opt.

2. Different ways of seeking job:

While updating your profile on employment sites like indeed. and is one way of reaching out to the recruiter’s, the more relevant way could be using social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook. These platforms have changed the way recruiters try to reach the job seekers.

• Along with that, the other important ways include references, who could be anyone from your friends and family. While it is good that you want to find the job on your own these references are productive in reaching out to the recruiters and once you reach them it is your skills which will help you to secure the job.

Thus, it is necessary to maintain networking if you are seeking for the job because there are a lot of jobs which are not advertised anywhere. The only way to get a foot in the door is maintaining associations.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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