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The world knows the hilarious side of Lalu Prasad Yadav. One with the witty aura, who can bring down the tears of laughter trickle down anyone’s cheeks has made some hilarious statements in the past when the entire nation laugh out aloud. Here are soem of the best one for you.

1. “If Hema Malini is my fan, I am her air conditioner.”

Past suggests that Lalu Ji has been a big fan of Hema ji. In the past once when she visited Bihar she complained about the rough roads. To this he replied that he will make Bihar’s road as smooth as her cheeks. Also, in an interview when a journalist said Hema was his fan to that he said this.

2. “Jab tak samose mein rahega aalu, Bihar mei rahega Lalu.”

Till now this statement by Lalu remains unbeatable. During the election campaigning he has used this statement to his competitors time and again and have become kind of his style statement.

3. “A man as fat as Amit Shah shouldn’t have entered the lift. Lifts in Bihar are small and not made to carry such fat people.”

When Amit Shah and other BJP leaders were trapped inside the state guest house in Patna for around 40 minutes he made this statement. Other than that he has called “NARBHAKSHI’- The man eater to Lalu.

4. If you don’t milk the cow fully, it falls sick”

His statements about the animals time and again in the past prove this fact that Lalu has a good understanding of animal care.

5. "Harvard University is doing research on him because he is worth it".

He once made the statement that the world wants to know about him and how he rose from a humble background to this height and that is the reason Harvard University is doing research on him.

Happy birthday to him!

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
Design Credits- Varun Singh

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