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No matter how many times you take showers, how much deo and perfumes you use, how much you use sunscreen, how much you lower the AC temperatures you cannot escape the heat of summers especially the scorching summers of June month. Surviving in the 45 degrees is a struggle and when you are asked to do something you feel like you have been handed the mission impossible because all you want is to relax in a chilling dark room with AC and lights off.

Here are some of the summer dilemmas that we face in our everyday life.

1. Make a plan but then end up cancelling the plan because it’s too hot outside

2. When you are confused to do makeup or not.

3. When you can only manage to plan an outing in a mall because AC ki hawa milegi

4. When you struggle hard to set your hairs and then tie up hair

5. When you are sweating and you don’t know what to do

6. When you drink too much water and spend your day at washroom

7. When power gets cut and you feel you are facing the biggest crisis

The good part of summers is that we get to drink a lot of refreshing drinks, can wear shorts but other than that there are lots of struggles that we have to face in our everyday life. From hearing the taunts of our friends because I have to screw every other plan as stepping outside feels like the biggest fear to managing my looks to hairstyles is a lot struggle because everything gets ruined after all.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
Design Credits- Varun Singh

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