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Taj Mahal, one of the most beautiful architectural masterpieces and the iconic monuments of the world is the beauty you wish to see time and again. The beauty of the monument never seems to get fade away with time and one wants to spend a day out when they get a chance to visit the monument.

However, here is the bad news for all the lovers of Taj Mahal as according to the new guidelines spending more than three hours there could cost you additional fees as the three-hour limit has been imposed on one of favourite India’s tourist spot. This restriction, however, was imposed in April and could not be implemented due to some tussles between the local authorities and right-wing organisations.

Superintendent, Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), Basant Kumar told, "Seven turnstile gates have been installed at both the East and West entry point. 5 gates are for the exit. For the entry of foreign tourists, there are separate gates. Entry is only through token which is valid for three hours, exceeding which, a visitor is required to recharge it at the counter at the exit gates."

Before these disappointing development visitors could earlier stay from opening time, which is 30 minutes before sunrise till closing time, which is 30 minutes before sunset. Apart from it, measures to prevent unauthorised access have been taken by the UP government.

Talking about the developments related to Taj Mahal, in December last year the ticket prices for visitors who wished to see the main mausoleum were also increased by an additional Rs 200, owing to which Indian visitors now have to pay Rs 250 and foreign visitors have to spend Rs 1,300 to see the main mausoleum.

There have been concerns about the protection and preservation of the beautiful monument and the UP government was scolded by the Supreme Court earlier this year, in February.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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