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From having complaints about the weather to complaints about food to having complaints about the state of the country we all have something about we remain unfulfilled. No one’s life is ‘perfectly perfect’ as there ceased to exist things which do not match the level of their expectations. Still, we all have this common feeling that our life is more challenging and struggling as the grass always look green on the other side.

Having said that there are some common complaints that people have in their everyday life:

1. Kuch acha ni lag raha par reason ni pta kya hua hai:

It actually happens a lot often that we don't feel like doing anything, eating anything and the best part is we even don’t know the reason for it. It definitely is like a national problem of which there seems to be no solution.

2. Job mein maza ni aa raha pta ni kyon:

Every working person faces this problem. Out of the 10 people, 8 people are definitely not satisfied with their job. Everyone is struggling with their 9-5 job and is unable to push themselves out of that zone.

3. Itni garmi pta ni kyon hi hai:

There are some statements which everyone makes in their everyday life. In spite of knowing about the reason people make statements like ‘Pta ni garmi kyo hai’ or in winters “ itni thand kyon hoti hai’.

4. Life mein itni problems ku hai:

While we know that life cannot be without problems. Problems are part of everyone’s life and no matter what they cannot escape it, still we have this habit of cribbing about problems of our life.

5. Meri life tumhari life ki tarah kyon ni hai:

We always have this thought that others life is better than us, they have good luck, their life is more simple with no problems and we often use such phrases in our everyday life.

Actually seems weird! Yes! But we all do this! Do you use these phrases! Let us know!

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
Design Credits- Varun Singh

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