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Obviously, you want to surround yourself with the competent and skilled people around you but when it comes to the workplace it is hard to find people who will actually appreciate your work. The work culture in most of the organisations does not permit them to appreciate the others' work. No matter at what position the person is everyone is so insecure about their jobs that they would try their best to crush you at the bottom so that they could rise at the top.

Sad, but true, hardly you would find people who would hold guts to speak up what they actually feel because honesty is actually a myth and these illustrations demonstrate the same.

1. When HR asks to give feedback and you are not okay about your boss

Ask yourself how much you have been true and honest to yourself? The truth is no matter how much the confidential the feedback is you know the consequences of it. So the majority of us don' bother to speak the truth.

2. When your boss asks an opinion about something and you don’t agree with it

There are unsaid consequences with showing your disagreements with the boss. No matter how much they say they are open to criticism we all know they are so conservative about accepting the truth.

3. When you are going somewhere and you have to get your leave approved

How much our heart want to communicate in our desi language the norms of office force us to communicate in a formal language we never want to engage in it. Also, the work culture makes it necessary that we actually don’t speak the truth.

4. When your boss cracks a silly joke

Workplace complications can actually make you do things which you don’t want to do in the first place. But yeah this is how things function at workplaces and no one does anything about it.

5. When you know your boss is not right


6. When it’s appraisal time and the boss calls you for work extra

I guess appraisal time is that time of year when people can do anything which they would have refused in the entire year. From doing extra work to showing involvement in everything related to the immediate boss, boss people do everything.

Well, how honest were these illustrations about our dishonest behaviours?

Author- Neha Wadhwa
Design Credits- Varun Singh

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