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A death in the family, a night in the hospital, a serious accident, sickness are some of the common excuses we all are used to be made for missing school, college and office. While these funny with no distant logics attached reasons are something we all have used at least once in our lives to escape from the work, no boss actually believes to it, even when you are speaking the truth.

When it comes to giving excuses we Indians make utmost use of our distant relatives and I don’t know how many times exactly we have made them dead, reborn and dead again. After death, sickness is another excuse we all have been using so casually that hardly any boss actually buys it.

Here are some of the funny excuses that I found across the internet that employees have made to skip from work:









The best part is Mondays are that day of the week when we have had all the urgent work, we all fall sick and not to forget there is a range of sickness that we all experience. We have a high fever of 105 degree Celsius and the other day we are completely fit and healthy. Because when it comes to excuse we can hardly have any logic in it.

Also, I would say people are actually getting very creative when it comes to making excuses. From making themselves sick to taking care of their pets because they have got sick to having all the problems of the universe only on Mondays we are fully exploiting our minds when it comes to giving excuses in spite of knowing they hardly do matter.

Anyways you screw up the logic behind your creativity, no matter your boss is going to buy your excuse or not!

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
Design Credits- Varun Singh

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