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We all do things that we regret and that’s quite natural too, it happens with everyone and that isn’t a big deal actually. Right? But….There are situations that do not make much difference actually but when they do get wrong you actually feeeeeeeeeeeel really bad. Do you understand the feeeeeeeeeeeel of the matter? You will actually! First, have a look at these small deals of life which are really big for us anyways.

1. When you forget to apply the promo code for offers on Zomato.

Recently it happened with me. I just installed the Zomato application and there was 50% off for the first five years and I made the order without actually applying the promo code and I realized when the order came. I can’t tell how much worse I felt in my life. It felt like as if I missed an opportunity to miss ‘MY RIGHT’ which belonged to me.

2. When you miss a sale on our favourite brands.

Like everyone I also wait for the sale on the popular brands because ‘Actual price par kharidne ki aukat nahi hai’ (I don’t have the money balance to buy product on the actual price) but there are times when you actually miss that sale because of unavoidable circumstances in life and you have to actually wait for another season sale. The biggest pain of life?

3. When you buy a certain product and suddenly the price of that product falls.

There are certain products which are very expensive at the time you buy, for instance, take the case of a phone but when the price of a product falls in a short span of time you really feel very bad. It really hurts!

4. When you take too much time to but something you really want and the product gets out of stock.

Seeing something you really desire to get getting out of stock is really something which takes a heavy heart to accept it and it actually takes a lot of time to accept that it has happened with us because you cannot do anything rather than accepting it.

5. When you buy from a wrong website and a similar product is available at a cheaper price.

Sometimes we are too lazy to make a comparison of different websites and the result is we get a victim of buying product at an expensive price and when it happens you are definitely in one of your good moods and want to escape it.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
Design Credits- Varun Singh

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