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It is a common sight to see the kids aged 3 to 10 smoking tobacco every day in Indonesia. Smoking becomes a part of their lives since birth. The number of children between age 10 to 14 who smoke has actually doubled in the past 20 years. These numbers have tripled in 5 to 9-year-old kids. More than 267000 kids smoke every day in Indonesia. More than 30% of children in Indonesia smoke before the age of 10 and most of them are just addicted to them that even if parents try to keep them away from smoking they would start throwing objects and creating other nuisance situations.

Why smoking has become a growing epidemic among kids in Indonesia?

1. Chain smokers overrunning the place...

These sights of toddlers smoking are most prevalent in rural areas of Indonesia, the reason being that these rural areas are being overrun by the adults who are chain smokers and eventually their habit of smoking spread to toddlers and kids as well.

2. Legality of smoking..

Another reason for the growing epidemic remains that Indonesia has not signed the WHO framework convention of Tobacco control, thus smoking remains legal there. The legality of smoking means that there is no restriction on advertising about tobacco through television, print, billboards and others. Indonesia is also the fifth largest producer of tobacco and it is very cheap there.

3. Lack of awareness...

There also remains a lack of awareness about smoking among people. They remain ignorant about the dangers of smoking. The deaths happening among people because of tobacco have also grown. It is estimated that 2, 40,000 deaths a year happen because of tobacco there.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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