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While ethics are the foundations of every organization are they really prevalent in today’s time is a question I am still pondering as I find myself waiting for the time when things would actually are on track. Here is the reality check of some of the everyday ‘office things:

1. What is ‘right’ is always ‘right’- ‘Organization definition of right certainly varies’

There is certainly a huge difference in ‘right’ things and doing things in the right way and hardly understand this line of right. The definition of right actually does not depend on what is ethically right but what suits their needs.

2. Hard work always gets noticed- Till the time you are agreeing to what is said to you.

If you are sincere and genuine with your work, you get noticed but not for the correct intentions. Every other employee starts targeting you for their wrong motives. They would do what all it takes to keep you down.

3. If you are talented you will be in the organization- With money playing a key role.

In most of the organizations, there has been a trend of hiring fresher or the people who would do the work for them with the minimum salary. Thus experienced people tend to lose their job especially if they demand increment.

4. The company cannot fire you if you haven’t done anything wrong- Till the time they need you.

The moment you do something organization does not want, no matter you are right or wrong they would hardly listen to you. So if you are someone who cannot plainly abide without questioning you are always at risk.

5. Authorities are open to criticism- The biggest lie you are being told.

The plain big lies that you are open to suggest something if you find something is wrong are actually a myth in the workplace. You would hardly find people who will actually take your feedback or criticism seriously. Things are often taken personally, the moment you publish a wrong statement against them.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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