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I along with a lot of youngsters that I have come across in my life feel ‘myself’ when I am not at my home. I can do things I want; I can speak what I want. There are no unwanted boundations and list of how and when I should do a particular task. While I have been living away from my home from quite some of time and whenever I go to my home for a day or two I certainly feel really good but when it comes to freedom, PG is the place I would like to stay in.

A few days back my mother questioned me for always been on the phone when my phone was found engaged. Whether I am in PG or at my home she has complaints that I am on phone most of the time. So I decided to not talk to at least when I am at my home. But things did not end there, while I was watching something on Netflix, she also had problems with that.

While I do understand their concern about what I really don’t understand that are they not able to trust me? Are they insecure about me? I don’t know what the answer is! However what I really think and what parents need to understand that most of the youngsters including me need their space and parents certainly need to interfere less in the lives because it can ultimately have a negative impact on their mental health and may also ruin the relations with them.

Parents need to recognize the significance of giving them the liberty to take their own decisions in life at least after a certain point of time. They should allow them to fall and rise again. If they will always keep them protected they won’t be able to face the hard realities of life, never and ever and certainly would never grow.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
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