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After roti, Kapda and makaan Wifi is certainly is the most important thing in our lives? Right? Remember the maximum time span for which you were able to hold your patience level when your Wi-Fi suddenly stops working or starts behaving strangely. The answer itself tells the significance of Wi-Fi in our lives. A big Cheers to ‘Hmara Kabhi Na Tutne Wala Rishta’ with Wi-Fi.

1. When you are able to connect free Wi-Fi

It would not be wrong to say that Wi-Fi is our true love and it is hilarious how madly we behave when we get access to free Wi-Fi especially when your mobile data is not working. We start jumping, behaving strangely when this happens to us and if you are like dude we don’t do this you are actually speaking a bigggggggggg lie.

2. The first thing you ask about when you go to a new place.

Keeping in mind the significance of Wi-Fi in our lives it’s isn’t weird that the first thing we ask whenever we go to a new place, be it our friend’s house to a new office or to spend our time out of town is the Wi-Fi password.

3. When Wi-Fi stops working in the office

Unless very important we actually enjoy when Wi-Fi stops working because it is that moment when no one can actually question us if we are not working as you get a license not to work.

4. Wi-Fi is a saviour when your mobile data goes off

Mobile data has certain limits unlike Wi-Fi which is our ‘ Bahubali’, it can work for countless hours and the mobile data which acts a hotspot for us is a real saviour when our mobile data is actually dead.

5. Wi-Fi can make you laugh as well

The list of strange to witty to hilarious Wi-Fi that one can find in the neighbourhoods is just endless. So we get to entertain because of the Wi-Fi. So thank your Wi-Fi for that.

6. When your Wi-Fi is behaving strange

Imagine you are in the middle of a show and suddenly your Wi-Fi starts buffering and has a low strength this is the time where you actually show your true colours of strange behaviour, acting weirdly.

Tell us how your relationship with Wi-Fi is...

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
Design Credits- Varun Singh

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