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As time is changing youngsters are more into change or blending the tradition and new trend together. These days wedding planners are also going with experimental decorations in Indian weddings. So if you are also searching for some cool, insta-worthy ideas we have a list of some trends that may make your day more exciting and memorable.

1. Mehendi Design

Are you bored of all those old designs, Dulha-Dulhan design or doli designs in your Mehendi? Heavy designs of Mehendi aren’t anymore trending now. From something as simple figure Mehendi to even caricatures of their pets, we have found brides who chose to get really creative designs. Some are imprinting their pet’s photo or some are so obsessed with Starbucks and city designs.

2. Floral Crown

A floral crown on brides’ head look so cool and Instagram photo worthy. The photo of you in floral crown can make your followers’ eyes to widen. You can experiment with your pose and give some breathtaking one. The floral crown also comes in trend to replace the heavy maang-tikkas.

3. Floral Kaleere

Floral kaleere came in fashion when Ex Miss India USA Natasha Arora wore them in her own wedding. Recently the beauty got married and instead of common gold kaleere, she opted for floral kaleere. And its look amazing! You can wear contrasting floral kaleere, they will attract more eyes.

4. Under Water Photo Shoot

There are way too many new themes for pre-wedding photo-shoots but one of the coolest and trending ones we have seen is the underwater wedding shoot.

5. White Mandap

Minimal is an elegant and new trend! White mandap with minimal element is the new trend. And to highlight the beauty you can also include flowers in the decoration.

6. Boss-Bride

Boss-bride is the new trend, gone those days when brides used to be so nervous and had to feel shy in front of all the guests. Now brides are portraying them in the same way as they are. Sneaker and leather jacket over lehenga looks so cool for the wedding shoot.

7. Vintage Cars

Get over from traditional doli, as vintage cars have taken place of the bridal doli. Get in with your hubby and goooo!

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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