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Two people can’t dance the old dance if one starts dancing new steps. These new footsteps of over-reaction can tangle everything in a relationship and the end result is the relationship comes at the stage to get ruined.

Here are some behaviours which you should avoid if you don’t want your relationship to….

When you see your partner online and they do not reply to your messages:

Often we are so possessive about our partner that the moment we see them not replying to our messages or call in spite of being online we overreact. Without even asking the reason for it we start assuming things. It may be likely that they are engaged in some important work and would reply back when they would get free but do we posse that much patience to wait and listen. I guess not!

Keeping an eye on social media activities:

We often keep an eye on our partner’s social media activities and make invalid assumptions about their involvement and engagement with someone and not just that we even overreact by avoiding them, not talking to them, arguing with them.

If something has happened in past, doesn’t mean that it is also happening in present as well:

We all have this bad habit of assuming things without even asking the other reasons. We make conclusions on the basis of our past experience which isn’t good for our relationship. We often make cooked up stories in our mind and the result is it affects our relationship badly.

What exactly is the solution:

Everyone would have different circumstantial experiences when they would have over-reacted; the only solution is a confirmation about the same from the concerned person. Before coming to any conclusion or taking any decision it is important that you discuss it with your partner, it will help you to clarify all your doubts because of most of the times, the way situation look it does not happen in a similar way. It is thus important that we at least maintain a standard of understanding with our partner.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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