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While getting a haircut is one of the toughest decisions every girl has to make, overcoming the tides of emotions after getting a haircut is actually more difficult than that. Making that decision that she finally wants to get a new haircut actually takes a lot of decision making as any other important affairs of life and once she implements that tough decision of her life she is never satisfied. The chances of not missing her previous looks are really negligible.

These illustrations actually depict a girl’s journey from having long hairs to short hairs:

• When she has long hairs:

It is very common that every girl who has long hairs face the difficulty of managing her long hairs. Without a doubt, it takes a lot of time and efforts to manage the long hairs, especially in summers. So the common problem that she faces after time is of spilt-ends. Considering other difficulties she finally decides to have short hairs, looking at her pictures of the time when she had short times.

However, all is not well after a certain point of time. This is what she feels after having a haircut.

While after having long hairs she expects that all her difficulties to maintain her hairs would go in one go it is hilarious to see how a number of problems increase multiple times that she has had with her hairs. She already starts missing her long hairs and feel like regretting her decision.

So, yes it’s true that managing those emotions during having long hairs to short hairs is really unmanageable. Happens with you?

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
Design Credits- Manas Srivastava

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