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Parlour aunties, you can't live with them, and possibly, cannot do without them. Every time you go to them you have had to listen to their chik-chik no matter how much you hate her for that. It’s not about a particular salon or any specific parlour wali didi; everyone is the same when it comes to making you annoyed. So whenever you go these are some of the things about which annoys you to the core and you feel like never going back again.

1. Compares herself with other parlours…

# Comparision 1

# Comparision 2

# Comparision 3

I really don’t understand why this comparison every time. If you ask or not she will tell proudly boosts about her services, what other customers think about her. Not just her unwanted self-obsession will piss off she also make sure she builds a negative image about her competitors as well as to you. She will literally show you pictures of their work and force you to believe that they were actually not good. I mean why! Did we ask you!

2. Interrogates about your personal life…

From asking about our whereabouts to what we are doing in our life to telling you about what their life, what their kids are doing she will just interrogate about your personal life just like a CID. God damm it you feel like you are in some career session, discussing your life and stuff. The worst part is you got to listen to them because it takes time in the salon and you cannot just ignore her.

3. When she gives you ‘Free advice’ for treatments…

# Advice 1

# Advice 2

# Advice 3

From telling you that your eyebrows are not in shape to suggesting you about pedicure, manicure, facial she just have a list of do’s and don’ts for everyone who goes to the parlour. I don’t understand how every girl is tanned and how every girl needs some treatments. Why the hell she even starts blabbering about which she is not asked.

4. When she disagrees to what you want…



# 3

It happens mostly when you go for a haircut or for makeup. She is always problematic about what you expect and want. It’s very rare that she will not tell you that it will not look good on you. Also, the definition of the makeup of salon wali didi is really different, for her putting too much makeup makes you look good. Like really?

These are some broader complaints, there is a list of complaints under a complaint which every girl has to face.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
Design Credits- Varun Singh

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