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Going on a date is the most traditional custom between a man and woman of a romantic interest who wants to initiate it from somewhere. Most of us go on a date to know our partners well, to spend quality time and yes, to find some romance. But a recent study seems to have come out with a new angle and they’ve also proved it true that some women go on a date just because they want to relish a free meal and might have nothing to do with romance or knowing the other person better.

The researchers at the Azusa Pacific University tried decoding the concept of ‘foodie calls’ where an individual intentionally takes part on a date to enjoy free food and is not romantically interested in the other person. In fact, it can happen when the person is falling short of budget or is simply tempted to try a new restaurant. This study was published in the 'Society for Personality and Social Psychology' journals and was carried out on two different groups of women.

In the first study, 820 women were asked a pack of questions related to their personal beliefs, personality traits, gender roles, and their relationship status.
Next, they were asked if they have ever got into foodie-calls and whether it was socially acceptable or not? According to the statistics, 85 percent of these participants were heterosexuals and were the majorly focused upon.

About 23 percent of the participants agreed to the fact that they went on a date to just enjoy a free meal. The women who were involved in foodie calls found this trend to be acceptable but however, most of the women in the group believed it was extremely to moderately unfair.
In the second study, the researchers went on asking the same set of questions to 357 heterosexual women and 33 percent accepted of indulging in foodie calls.

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