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We are kenned for our huge large Indian marriages. Everything has to be greater than life is it the wedding venue or the menu and all are taken care of months in advance. However, there is one aspect of marriages that are rarely talked regarding. Whether you accept it or not, determining who gets or does not get invited to the wedding is a big responsibility. Yes, making an invite list for the wedding can be very difficult. But here are some moves that can assist you to manage a decent guest list.
Start preparing the invite list as quickly as possible
The genuine time to start making the invite list is as quickly as the marriage date is fixed. The hugest mistake that maximum people commit is to wait until the last minute to finalize the list as a result of which they end up inviting too many people or leaving out major names.
Choose the number of guests you want to invite
It’s very essential to fix the number of guests you need to invite for the marriage. Possibilities are that you would end up figuring more names than your expected number. But at least, you would have an idea of where to end.
Use digital help
Some people like preparing excel sheets, which is really very helpful to make lists. Also, you can keep a note on your mobile phone, so that it allows you to join names whenever you come across one.
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