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We all get sick. Don’t we? That’s quite normal too! But…But…But.. what isn’t normal is that we all have become doctors for ourselves. If you think I am joking then just take a minute and think do you visit your doctor or even consult them every time you fall sick. No is the answer for it. Agreed doctor fees are exorbitant high so we prefer avoiding them. The bitter truth is this negligence comes with a heavy price later.

Here are a few situations that we come across in our everyday lives which makes the point 100 % clear that everyone has become a doctor:

1. Paracetamol is the national medicine of India?

It seems like Paracetamol should be declared as a ‘National medicine’ for all the sickness. Agreed it is a pain killer and it helps. But do we really know how much Mg medicine should we take? How many times a day? Shouldn’t we just consult a doctor once? Yes we should but do we do that? No is the answer again.

2. Blind trust on 'Chemists'...

3. Ignorance to another level..

We all have become so negligent with our health that we take medicines kept in our homes without even checking the expiry dates sometimes.

4. Depression is hardly taken seriously..

Depression is a serious medical illness but do we take it seriously? One, we all use have been using the word so casually and the other people hardly recognize what exactly is it.

So next time you become your doctor my advice is consult an actual doctor first otherwise..

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
Design Credits- Varun Singh

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