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Nothing goes as planned is just as accurate and perfect at work as it is for our lives. The workplace can any time come with the expected ‘unexpected’ because at workplace employers can drop a bombshell on you anytime, no matter how much good or bad it is you. Losing the job is certainly one of those scariest things for all. While when this happens we instantly react to the unexpected events in a quite hazel way but if it’s about the workplace you would want to think twice about how you react,

Here is how you should deal with the shocking events at your workplace:

1. Staying calm may be a myth:

Calmness and patience actually seem like a myth when an unexpected piece of information comes to us and the result is you react in weird ways. You either lose your temper or either takes decisions about which you have had to regret later in future. However, if you don’t want that it should happen to you would actually want to give time to process the information.

2. The decision may actually not that bad as it may look:

When such situations come in our lives we feel like the end of the world but the situation may actually not be as bad as it may seem. Possibly it has something good for you in future and you need to stay positive about the possibilities.

3. Making your brain think about the possibilities:

Supposedly if you receive some bad piece of information about some harsh decision taken by management, it is likely that you decide to quit at the moment. Well, you should never do that. Even if you are thinking about quitting or a job change you should first make sure you that you are actually prepared for it.

4. It is important to chalk out the plan first:

Before taking any decision in rush chalk out the SWOT of the situations. Give time to everything you do and once you are sure about what you want to do only then take any necessary action.

5. People around you make a big change for you:

It is the people who will actually lift you up when such a situation occurs in your life. So it is important that you surround yourself with the people who actually help you to stay positive.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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