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Bring your favourite McDonalds fries at your home and try keeping it in an air-tight container for 72 hours and do not forget to keep a close watch on it. The fries remain unaffected even after the said time period. They are in the same shape, colour, and form as they were earlier. On the other hand, if you prepare homemade fries and keep it under same conditions in a similar container, you would notice that they started to change colour to white, grey and eventually black, indicating that they are attacked by fungus.

If this has anyhow made you think that it is a good thing that they don’t get attacked by fungus or any other micro-organisms. Well, it isn’t actually. It clearly means that the fries contain toxic chemicals which even remain unaffected by these harmful funguses, so you can assume how much harm they are causing to your health.

What exactly are these chemicals? Why such harsh chemicals are added to the fries is a question you might be thinking? Right?

These fries are actually full of harsh chemicals, preservatives and stabilizers which increase the shelf life of them and make them look similar in shape, colour for days. These chemicals help the product fresh for a long period and in return adding those toxic chemicals to your body. You might not be surprised that toxic chemicals like calcium silicate, which are also used in cement, are used in them.

Actually not just the fries but the salads, buns also have chemicals with the bleaching properties which are used in them and help to add the white colour to them and this list of the regular chemicals which are actually used is just endless. So next time you are planning to eat something like this just give a thought can you avoid it? Rest it is up to you.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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